UN agency compiles evidence of atrocities committed in Syria

In total discretion, a UN agency has been doing a tedious job since April 2018 to gather evidence of the atrocities committed in the last eight years in Syria to facilitate possible future trials against those responsible.

In a report presented at the United Nations General Assembly and published on Saturday, the “International Mechanism to facilitate investigations into the most serious violations of international law committed in Syria since March 2011” indicates that it opened two files at the end of 2018.

One of these cases refers to an issue whereby the Mechanism currently provides direct support to a national court in criminal proceedings, he adds, without identifying the country in question.

No details were given about the two open cases. The report notes that the Mechanism has also received 14 requests for assistance from the national war crimes services, in relation to ongoing investigations and prosecutions.

The Mechanism, which describes itself as independent and impartial, indicates that it has not yet received any response from the Syrian authorities to its requests for information.

The mission of the organization, which has the support of a team of 30 criminal justice specialists, is to establish a central information base and existing evidence elements on the crimes committed.

On this basis, analyzes and surveys will be carried out, the Mechanism recognized in its document, so conclusions are not expected in the near future.

To date, the Mechanism has more than one million pieces, including documents, photographs, videos, satellite images, statements of victims and witnesses and unclassified documents, as detailed in the report, which will be formally presented on April 23 at the Assembly. General by the direction of the organization.

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